A single solution for all your
business meetings

Meetings from your conference room,mobile, or desktop...quick and easy!

One tool for all your meetings

Zoom is one of the most flexible online meeting tools available today.  Each meeting is different, so why not have a tool that can do it all.

Your day may start with a series of face to face video meetings, participate in training, deliver a presentation, or provide remote support to your colleagues.

With Zoom, you can do all this from any device.  It is extremely easy to use, even for complete newbies.

zoom video conference with participant chat open

Empower mobile participants with advanced features

Zoom offers mobile apps from Android & iOS stores so you can participate in your meetings when your away from your computer.

You have access to advanced features when connecting from your mobile device, such as, screen sharing, annotation, white boarding, & sharing photos.

Another option for mobile participants is to use the local conference line access from over 50+ countries worldwide.

zoom mobile video call on tablet

Transform your conference room

With Zoom's conference room software you can transform your existing meeting rooms into telepresence rooms at a fraction of the cost.

The room system software can be installed on existing hardware you may already have in-house (MAC, PC).  To start a meeting users simply use the app available for both Android and iPad tablets.

If you have an existing H323/SIP video conference system then you could connect this device to the cloud and connect with desktop and mobile users as well.

conference room with several participants watching a woman present and one remote participant on video conference

Custom Communication Solutions

Build the power of Zoom's communication tools directly into your application.  Empower your users with the latest in video conferencing technology.

With Zoom API's you can integrate with your website the online meeting tool, webinar, cloud recording, & reporting to name a few features.  The mobile stack allows you to build this functionality directly into your app.

zoom developer portal options