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Empower your team with video conferencing

Move your team forward by engaging them with high definition video conference meetings. Ensure your communication is crystal clear. Be more efficient with your projects time. Business is faster then ever, make sure your communication tools are keeping up.
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Clear Communication

Don't leave anything left misunderstood. Using live synchronous video for your meetings ensures all communication is clear. Body language consists of over 55% of our communication, which leaves many "unknowns" when it comes to email and strictly voice meetings.

Increase Productivity

Your team will be moving at light speed using technology that facilitates face to face communication. Lengthy email threads are time consuming and unwanted. Address concerns immediately by studying participant reaction. Reach agreements quicker by bringing all parties together.

Better Collaboration

Working remote is on the rise. Don't fall behind by loosing sight (literally) of the people you work with. Using video conferencing for meetings will build better relationships and in turn foster a collaborative working environment.

Key Features

Our focus is to provide the best possible experience for your users. It should be simple for new users to login, whether it is for a video chat, screen share, presentation, remote diagnostic or training. Some of the top in-meeting features:
  • Display live video for up to 25 participants.
  • Screen share, annotation, remote assistance.
  • Record meetings.
  • Dial in by phone or use computer audio.
  • Connect on all devices, PC, MAC, iOS, Android.
  • Software enabled room systems for Mac and PC
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Our Services

Wether your looking to integrate video conferencing into your application, set-up dedicated conference rooms, or get your organization meeting online, we can help!

Video conferencing
services for all meetings

Use our video conferencing services powered by the latest in web communication technology. Alternatively, we can help you set-up and deploy a custom collaboration solution and provide on-going support.

Set-up and install
your Conference Rooms

We can help you set-up and design your perfect conference room/s using software enabled room systems.

Integrarte Video Conferencing API
into your business

Using the video conferencing API we can integrate this solution into your business applications.

Application development
for WebRTC solutions

Using the latest in WebRTC solutions, we can help you build powerful communication tools into your app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact your account admin to be added to your organizations account. Or send us an email to help get your account connected.
Yes we do. We're happy to point you to recommended devices that you can procure locally, or you can purchase direct from us.
Yes the pricing is based on usage as opposed to by user. Your free to add as many users throughout your company or association.
Yes with a conference room subscription you can install the software on a MAC or PC.
Yes. We provide onsite or remote install support. Including, design and install for your audio, video & visual components.
Yes we can customize many portions. Contact us to discuss further.
Yes our primary business is software development. Please reach out to discuss your requirements.
We have worked with many developer platforms for integrating communication tools.

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