Vidyo and Internet2 Partnership Brings Collaborative Potential to Education

April brought exciting news for America's higher education system. Vidyo, Inc. and Internet2 have partnered to offer a low-cost, subscription-based video communications system for all Internet2 university members and thousands of public K-12 schools in the United States. Early adopter enrollment is expected to begin in May.

The introduction of a reliable telepresence service into our educational system yields endless possibilities. As our capacity to connect with the world strengthens (via the internet and mass media), so does our understanding that we do not exist in a vacuum. Collaboration is imperative. Telepresence technology facilitates important collaborative relationships regardless of geographic barriers.

Vidyo technology has clear benefits in higher education, particularly between research programs. Multiple research teams across institutions and disciplines may work together to examine and solve important problems. Research teams traveling to satellite sites may remain connected to campus activities and support crews. But this partnership in education also inspires other ideas.

With Vidyo technology, we may see educational collaborations between the professional world--corporate, industrial, trade, human services, global--and education institutions, both higher and K-12. Such collaborations could improve the capacity of our schools to produce a highly and appropriately skilled work force, as participants exchange information about changing trends and needs. Such collaborations could inspire students in the choices they make regarding their futures, being given an insider's perspective not possible through strictly theory-based curricula.

With the ability to engage in real-time (face-time) communication across geographic barriers, students have the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of experts via discussions about current issues. Education becomes more meaningful when it jumps out of the textbook. Also, it shrinks the distance between the classroom and the global context. Students who see a world outside of their own neighborhoods are more likely to exercise compassion for others with different worldviews.

The partnership between Vidyo and Internet2 to bring reliable telepresence technology to education is an exciting step toward meaningful and collaborative learning and exploratory experiences.

Update to our hosted Vidyo Conference Service

We recently completed an update to our hosted Vidyo conferencing services.  The latest version by Vidyo brings HD video conferencing to your mobile device, allows you to stream media during your meetings & includes support for Linux users.  Learn more about some of the exciting new features now available:

Vidyo Mobile

iPad and iPhone

You can now access VidyoMobile for iOS through the Apple apps store. This does not yet allow guest access, so is only for registered users.


We are now participating in the Android beta. You can download VidyoMobile at the Android marketplace. This does not yet allow guest access, so is only for registered users.

Linux Support!

We are now participating in the Linux beta. Ubuntu is the primary platform, but it may work on other Linux clients as well. Simply access your portal or a guest invitation link from a Linux machine and download the client.

Display Names

You can now display names of other participants in your conference.

a.      Click the configuration icon

b.      Select Options

c.       Check Show Participants Names

Configure Playback Device

Also under Options, you can select which of your playback devices rings when you have an incoming call.

Vidyo Media Player

There is now a Vidyo Media Player that allows you to stream media through your video conference.  Click here for the player and the quick reference guide for using it.

Place direct video calls from your system tray

 You can now place calls directly from your systray icon (windows) by right clicking.

a.      Start my meeting takes you directly to your meeting room

b.      Place a call brings up the portal allowing you to call someone else, just as if you had logged in on the web.

Check out the latest reference guide to get up to speed.  Learn more about our video conference services.



Vidyo's Mobile video conferencing coming soon

Vidyo just announced their mobile video conferencing option to be released soon. Vidyo reports this option is ready for release and has been in use by a telecom network (Elisa Corporation) in Finland throughout 2010.

It looks like support will be available for iphone, android devices, along with tablets like the iPad & Samsung Galaxy devices.

Vidyo has been developing award winning, video conference products based on the SVC (Scalable Video Conferencing) concept. Essentially, the technology will adjust the video conference experience for each participant. This process has proved to be successful, when considering participants joining via the desktop, from various locations & networks. With Vidyo's technology it will auto-adjust how much data a user can accept at any given moment, and scale the experience accordingly, however, always delivering the most important parts, such as, the active speakers. Its very impressive, and is different from traditional products that would scale the whole experience down to the lowest common denominator (eg. the participant with lowest capacity/connection).

With their upcoming release for mobile video conferencing, it will be interesting to see if Vidyo's SVC based technology, provides a similar experience from the mobile device, and maintain a high level of quality.  From the demonstrations of VidyoMobile, the concept looks great, and recently they we're also awarded a finalist at the Best of Interop, Collaboration category.  VidyoMobile also won the 2011 mobile video conferencing award at CTIA.

Vidyo Demo on iPad 2

VidyoOne™ brings telepresence to small business

Our hosted Vidyo services now include, VidyoOne™, which provides your company with a dedicated portal to manage your video conferencing requirements.  The VidyoOne™ telepresence service empowers your company with high availability hd video conferencing.  Using the central VidyoPortal, you can quickly initiate impromptu meetings or video conference with multiple participants.

What is VidyoOne™?

VidyoOne™ is a packaged solution by Vidyo Inc, which bundles their VidyoRouter appliance, lifetime licences & the VidyoPortal, all available at a low entry level price.  Not only do you have the ability to multi-party video conference, your also enabling staff to collaborate virtually in high definition meeting rooms, directly from your desktop!

Administration Functions: VidyoOne Portal

  • Secure login
  • Create & manage user accounts
  • Create & manage public & private meeting rooms
  • Manage permission groups
  • View system & client status
  • Moderate in-progress meetings
  • Exportable call detail records

 User Management Functions: Vidyo Meeting Interface

  • Secure login
  • Initiate a meeting
  • Join a meeting
  • Initiate a direct call
  • Search intelligent directory
  • Browse meetings & users
  • Mute or remove participant from own meeting
  • Invite participants with guest link (for subscribed & non-subscribed users)
  • Manage personal speed dial list
  • Manage personal account settings & preferences

Optional Add-on's: 

  • VidyoRoom - allows you to install a dedicated VidyoRoom appliance in your boardroom, which can also plug and play with any LCD screen
  • VidyoGateway™ (H323 & SIP Connectivity) - allows you to connect video conferencing legacy systems
  • Microsoft Office Communicator - integration available

VidyoOne™ Service Packages

Along with your purchase of VidyoOne, we provide high availability hosting.  Your company will receive access to their own dedicated VidyoOne portal, full configuration, on-going "live" support, & updates. The simple user interface will make it easy for employees to login, view who's online, and initiate meetings, directly from your desktop.  Contact us for an estimate on hosting VidyoOne for your company.

 VidyoOne™ 5

  • Seats (Users): 25
  • Router Ports (Concurrent Conferencing Ports): 5 
  • Dedicated VidyoPortal for your business
  • High availability hosting & monthly bandwidth
  • Live Support, patches, upgrades & maintenance
  • Online Training (on-site training & set-up available)

Perpetual one-time license - $7,000*

Monthly hosting costs - contact us for quote

VidyoOne™ 10

  • Seats (Users): 50
  • Router Ports (Concurrent Conferencing Ports): 10 
  • Dedicated VidyoPortal for your business
  • High availability hosting & monthly bandwidth
  • Live Support, patches, upgrades & maintenance
  • Online Training (on-site training & set-up available)

Perpetual one-time license - $14,000*

Monthly hosting costs - contact us for a quote

* Price in USD & subject to change, does not include applicable taxes.  


Direct point to point video conferencing does not consume the router ports (as mentioned above).  For example with the VidyoOne 5, you could have one multi-point video conference with 5 participants, plus multiple point to point calls happening simultaneously.  Up to the number of seats available.

What makes Vidyo unique?

If Vidyo is new to you, the first area to understand is their patented technology, Scalable Video Coding (SVC).  Vidyo's award winning telepresence systems, have been designed from the ground up to scale accordingly to each unique connection.  This has enabled the product to support users joining from the desktop or laptop PC, and still take part in a high quality telepresence experience.  

Demo of Vidyo hd video conferencing system:

In this recorded demo, Marty Hollander, SVP of Marketing at Vidyo, walks you through the value of Vidyo, & demonstrates how multi party video conferencing works intelligently during your online meetings.

How to learn more?

To learn more about the VidyoOne services, contact us to schedule an online demo.  Join a meeting first hand to see the level of quality possible from your desktop!



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