2 cents per minute per attendee

Simple pricing with pay-per-use

If you scheduled a meeting with 10 people for 60 minutes, you would incur a charge of $12.  If you need to coordinate this meeting weekly, your monthly cost would be 4 times $12...anyways you get the picture.  

Get started for free today

Every account comes with 500 minutes added for you to test the waters and determine if this solution will work for your requirements.  To get started, click on sign-up and start hosting your own meeting right away.

Why metered billing makes sense!

It's our belief video conferencing is still a new concept to many users.  First and foremost we believe it's important to enable all users access to this ground breaking technology.  It doesn't really make sense paying monthly fees for a user who coordinates their own meeting a couple times every few months.  

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