Video Conferencing vs. Travel

I was just reading an article from Small Business Labs, about saving time, money & the environment, all from considering video conferencing over travel. There are three points that are made in the blog post, that definitely resonate, and provide motivation for any company to consider:

1. Video Conferencing Saves Time:

According to the Travel Industry Association of America the average business trip last 3.3 days and the average business traveler takes 5.4 trips per year.

2. Video Conferencing Saves Money:

According to American Express, the average business trip costs $1,110 in T&E expenses.

3. Video Conferencing is Green:

The Nature Conservancy recommends video conferencing as one of their top 10 tips for saving the climate. Jet's are heavy emitters of CO2 and produce 12% of all transportation related greenhouse gases.

Now it's probably not realistic to assume that all business travel will cease to exist starting tomorrow, however, with all the benefits for video conferencing over travel, it would be hard for companies not to take seriously.  If you consider the first point, and the average business trips we're reduced by 50% and supplemented with video conferencing, the effects from this decision could be felt throughout the company and our environment.  

Obviously, I have a biased opinion, as my intentions are to sell you our video conferencing service. Never the less, it is nice to read articles about the benefits of video conferencing over travel, as it reminds me of the impact this solution can immediately have all around you.  

My pitch...

I would consider our video conferencing service from Batipi, for the following reasons: 

  • Powered by Vidyo (the latest in video conferencing technology)
  • No hardware installation required
  • Pay one low monthly subscription
  • Available 24/7
  • Minimum requirement: Webcam & desktop microphone or USB Headset



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