Telepresence Has the Potential to Cut Millions of Tons of CO2

This past century has seen emerging communications markets skip an entire generation of technology infrastructure, namely, the wired telephone system. Large portions of the population in countries like India and China now have cell phones in areas that never had traditional landlines. 

If these countries build a transportation infrastructure based on the model in the United States, the emissions could have a major impact on the climate. However, if they choose to skip a generation of infrastructure, emissions growth will be far more manageable. In an effort to do this very thing, China has been investing heavily in modern mass transit, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). They have surpassed the United States in both these areas and yet Americans cling to the outdated model. 

Can we achieve a similar critical dematerialization of communications through telepresence as an effective substitute for much repetitive business travel? We need to do it, and we now have the technology to do it. So my best guess is—to coin a phrase—‘yes we can’.

Paul Dickinson, as CEO of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), used these words to rally his troops behind the telepresence revolution. As part of their ‘yes we can’ attitude the CDP conducted a comprehensive study examining the environmental and economic benefits of using telepresence in the short term, and after long-term, large-scale adoption of this technology. 

The CDP study piggybacked on the Smart 2020 Report that forecasts an emissions savings of 7.8 billion tons of CO2 by 2020 through the smart integration of ICT in the workplace, and personal space. In an effort to better quantify the environmental and financial impact of telepresence, the CDP collected data from 15 of the Global 500 companies that have already upgraded to the telepresence model. 

The CDP concluded that telepresence could avoid millions of tons of CO2. A single business with four telepresence rooms can reduce CO2 emissions by the equivalent of 400 passenger vehicles in the span of five years, 2,271 metric tons. Implementing telepresence throughout the US has the potential to reduce emissions by almost a million metric tons per year. 

Besides the environmental benefits, the CDP study also concluded that deployment of telepresence in businesses with annual revenues of more than $1 billion could see an economy wide financial benefit of $3.5 billion by 2020 and this is in the US alone. 

No more traffic! Start your first meeting from home via video conference

Avoid traffic headaches, start your first meeting via telepresence

Avoid traffic headaches, start your first meeting via telepresence

Honk! Honk!  Beep! Beep!  Oh, the sounds of rush hour traffic.  A lot worse than usual, and you only have 30 minutes left to make that important meeting.  You left in plenty of time. Well, better call the team and let them know you will be late.  

Sound familiar?  It’s a very common occurrence and there is a solution.  A solution to make all morning meetings forever be on time.  Video conferencing from home.  Yes, that’s right.  Everyone sit down in your favorite comfy chair at home, turn on those laptops, connect to the video conferencing service, and have your favorite morning drink by your side (no alcohol please, or at least don’t make it obvious).  

Sounds wonderful.  But, there is a problem. There is a rumor that it is to expensive to setup video conferencing.  Or is it?  If your company is going to buy all the hardware, software and possible bandwidth increase required to setup video conferencing than, yes, it will be expensive.  And some companies prefer this way and have the funds to do it.  However, it is not written anywhere that you must do it this way.  There is an alternative.

There are businesses designed to service your video conferencing needs.  These businesses acquire all the needed hardware, software, and telecommunications connections (a.k.a. lots of bandwidth) required for a great video conferencing experience.   These video conferencing service companies will than share their investment and technology with you, at a fraction of the price it would have cost your business to do the entire setup internally.  In addition, they have the knowledge and experience to support and maintain these services.

There are a few ways you can implement video conferencing services.  It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing scenario. Here are some ideas:

  • You can sign up for the service to do a proof of concept.  In other words, evaluate video conferencing as a new tool before deploying it company-wide.  The feedback you receive from a select group in your workforce, will be invaluable to helping deploy telepresence as a  communication tool company-wide. 
  • If you decide to setup video conferencing in house, but don’t have the expertise to manage it, no problem.  Outsource the skill set from an expert in the video conferencing business.
  • Sign up for the service and use it full time for your video conferencing communications needs.

Implementing video conferencing into your business doesn't need to be expensive or scarey.  Just find a video conferencing service provider to do all the expensive and hard stuff for you.  Which leaves you with only one serious decision.  Honk! Honk! Beep! Beep! first thing in the morning?  Or the restfulness of your favorite chair to get that morning meeting started on time, every time.

Batipi is a video conferencing service provider.  They offer cutting edge technology, cloud hosting, flexible pricing plans, and great customer service that includes a single point of contact.  Best of all their service can support connections from a PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, or Android capable devices.


Myths about the Use of Telepresence

Technology has changed rapidly in recent years. What was once only viable in the ideas of science fiction writers is becoming a reality today. Telepresence is one of those areas that was seen in futuristic novels and television shows not that long ago for some people. However, there are still some myths that surround this technology, making it critical to debunk those myths and move forward with its use.

It Uses Too Much Bandwidth

Bandwidth is often a major concern for businesses and educational facilities. Using too much bandwidth costs money and slows down the online experience for everyone. This is why many companies and schools have been hesitant to use video conferencing. However, with advances in technology and changes to coding, these conferences now use more than 50 percent less bandwidth, making it a viable option for many.

It Costs Too Much

Businesses are constantly seeking ways to save money to increase their profits. Telepresence seems like it would be a costly way to keep in touch and hold meetings. Those who think this technology costs too much, though, have not likely looked at all their options. There are many services available that offer these services at reasonable rates, especially if you will be using it often. In most cases, when compared to travel reimbursements and lost time at work, the cost of any telepresence service is well worth it.

It Has a Limited Reach

Some people mistakenly think video conferencing can only be used by executives or within a particular organization. This is also not true. Video conferencing does not limit what you can do. Instead, it increases your ability to do more and reach more people. You can now hold instant meetings with your clients, other locations for your business and even your vendors. With telepresence, your options are almost literally endless.

Don't allow the use of new technology or the myths that surround telepresence keep you from taking advantage. Instead, do your research and learn which information is true and which is a myth. Once you can get beyond the myths, you will see how useful this technology can be for your business.

VidyoOne™ brings telepresence to small business

Our hosted Vidyo services now include, VidyoOne™, which provides your company with a dedicated portal to manage your video conferencing requirements.  The VidyoOne™ telepresence service empowers your company with high availability hd video conferencing.  Using the central VidyoPortal, you can quickly initiate impromptu meetings or video conference with multiple participants.

What is VidyoOne™?

VidyoOne™ is a packaged solution by Vidyo Inc, which bundles their VidyoRouter appliance, lifetime licences & the VidyoPortal, all available at a low entry level price.  Not only do you have the ability to multi-party video conference, your also enabling staff to collaborate virtually in high definition meeting rooms, directly from your desktop!

Administration Functions: VidyoOne Portal

  • Secure login
  • Create & manage user accounts
  • Create & manage public & private meeting rooms
  • Manage permission groups
  • View system & client status
  • Moderate in-progress meetings
  • Exportable call detail records

 User Management Functions: Vidyo Meeting Interface

  • Secure login
  • Initiate a meeting
  • Join a meeting
  • Initiate a direct call
  • Search intelligent directory
  • Browse meetings & users
  • Mute or remove participant from own meeting
  • Invite participants with guest link (for subscribed & non-subscribed users)
  • Manage personal speed dial list
  • Manage personal account settings & preferences

Optional Add-on's: 

  • VidyoRoom - allows you to install a dedicated VidyoRoom appliance in your boardroom, which can also plug and play with any LCD screen
  • VidyoGateway™ (H323 & SIP Connectivity) - allows you to connect video conferencing legacy systems
  • Microsoft Office Communicator - integration available

VidyoOne™ Service Packages

Along with your purchase of VidyoOne, we provide high availability hosting.  Your company will receive access to their own dedicated VidyoOne portal, full configuration, on-going "live" support, & updates. The simple user interface will make it easy for employees to login, view who's online, and initiate meetings, directly from your desktop.  Contact us for an estimate on hosting VidyoOne for your company.

 VidyoOne™ 5

  • Seats (Users): 25
  • Router Ports (Concurrent Conferencing Ports): 5 
  • Dedicated VidyoPortal for your business
  • High availability hosting & monthly bandwidth
  • Live Support, patches, upgrades & maintenance
  • Online Training (on-site training & set-up available)

Perpetual one-time license - $7,000*

Monthly hosting costs - contact us for quote

VidyoOne™ 10

  • Seats (Users): 50
  • Router Ports (Concurrent Conferencing Ports): 10 
  • Dedicated VidyoPortal for your business
  • High availability hosting & monthly bandwidth
  • Live Support, patches, upgrades & maintenance
  • Online Training (on-site training & set-up available)

Perpetual one-time license - $14,000*

Monthly hosting costs - contact us for a quote

* Price in USD & subject to change, does not include applicable taxes.  


Direct point to point video conferencing does not consume the router ports (as mentioned above).  For example with the VidyoOne 5, you could have one multi-point video conference with 5 participants, plus multiple point to point calls happening simultaneously.  Up to the number of seats available.

What makes Vidyo unique?

If Vidyo is new to you, the first area to understand is their patented technology, Scalable Video Coding (SVC).  Vidyo's award winning telepresence systems, have been designed from the ground up to scale accordingly to each unique connection.  This has enabled the product to support users joining from the desktop or laptop PC, and still take part in a high quality telepresence experience.  

Demo of Vidyo hd video conferencing system:

In this recorded demo, Marty Hollander, SVP of Marketing at Vidyo, walks you through the value of Vidyo, & demonstrates how multi party video conferencing works intelligently during your online meetings.

How to learn more?

To learn more about the VidyoOne services, contact us to schedule an online demo.  Join a meeting first hand to see the level of quality possible from your desktop!



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