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In times of an emergency, telepresence services are crucial

Telepresence acting as life saving tool for emergency response and preparation is something that many people do not think about. However, there are many ways that telepresence technology can ensure that emergency management agencies are as prepared and connected as they need to be.

Here are a few ways how using telepresence as a service can help in times of an emergency.

Interagency connection:

Emergencies often require the efforts of multiple agencies. These efforts can only happen smoothly when there is communication between the agencies. Vidyo's telepresence technology and cloud hosting by Batipi provides the ability for agencies to hold data sharing and information meetings regardless of where the participants of those meetings are.


Planning for emergencies is crucial and sometimes it is important that experts in the field take a look at an agency's emergency plan or help with the development of one. Vidyo is an affordable option for bringing that expertise to you, whether you're five miles from the expert you're working with or hundreds of miles away. Save on the cost of travel expenses and lodging. Communicate with your expert where you are, and where they are.


Multiple agencies can participate in emergency response training via video collaboration services without the need for travel time and meeting costs. On-going training and certification is critical for emergy response personal; telepresence services make it much easier to deliver to your staff remotely.

Mobile applications:

Remote emergency coordination requires clear communication. Vidyo offers high quality conferencing through its mobile app for Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. This app allows emergency service providers in the field to communicate clearly and seamlessly with 2, 3 or more experts using the mobile devices they have on hand.

Contact us today to learn how we're helping prepare emergency response teams with life saving communication tools.

Going Green: How Video Conferencing Can Help Your Business Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

Few companies consider the full spectrum of their environmental impact, says Anant Sundaram, a professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University who teaches a course on business and climate change. A carbon footprint analysis can create a more complete picture and provide a blueprint for reducing the load. While major corporations might hire an expert firm to conduct a customized and highly detailed evaluation, most small businesses use more affordable online survey tools,

From government, to the healthcare industry, and from education to small business, organizations across the globe are beginning to embrace new technology designed to help them reduce their carbon footprint. Not only are these socially responsible decisions good for our environment, they’re also good for your financial bottom line.

Video conferencing is often an ideal solution for businesses from small startups to thriving, multinational corporations. How might your business benefit from incorporating video teleconferencing into your arsenal of budget-friendly financial strategies? Could it really make a substantial difference, environmentally speaking?

The happy answer is a resounding “yes!”

Fewer cars on the road.

Even with carpooling, there are more vehicles commuting daily than ever before. A quick review of some of your employees’ actual responsibilities may reveal that the bulk of their work does not require a continuous, physical presence at the office. However, these employees remain an important part of the team, and it is important for them to have the capacity to contribute interactively in, for example, staff meetings.

With the advent of video teleconferencing solutions like Vidyo, your business can offer the best of both worlds. You can offer a work-from-home option for your employees, while still being able to connect with them live, in real-time, for meetings and other important events. It’s a triple win: business, employee, and environment.

Fewer lost hours of productivity.

It’s no secret that “calling in sick” doesn’t always mean an employee is physically ill. Rather that continuing to bleed dollars for lost productivity ostensibly attributed to illness, why not offer your employees the option of periodic “well being” days, in which they can work from home? With video teleconferencing solutions, these employees can enjoy some much needed time away from the office, while you can still check in with them periodically. The money saved could be invested in other projects designed to make your business more environmentally friendly.

Fewer jets in the skies.

Is there a motivational speaker or industry leader you’ve always wanted to see, but your budget is a bit too tight to swing it? Imagine if you could save on flights, hotels, and other incidental costs by using video teleconferencing to have him or her speak to your employees?

In a similar vein, you may have employees scattered across the globe who require the ability to work interactively. Instead of flying multiple employees to meet in a single location, why not set up video teleconferencing, whereby employees at your various locations have no need to travel in order to collaborate effectively with their long-distance colleagues?

VidyoReplay Offers Powerful Benefits Across Multiple Verticals

Consider this scenario, an important meeting (via video conference) is about to start and your colleague is held up and cannot join. Are you really going to take notes? Or consider this scenario, the management team would like to share a message (via video conference), to the whole department.  Does it make sense to have 50 people trying to login to the video there are bandwidth considerations! 

These are just a few examples how the VidyoReplay option can provide an impressive amount of flexibility to your video conferencing service.  With VidyoReplay, registered users are able to easily record video conferences or webcast their meetings, thereby delivering important messages to those unable to participate in real-time. The uses of VidyoReplay are vast: 

  • customer support alerts,
  • product announcements,
  • medical consultations,
  • lectures,
  • training,
  • and more.

In the Solutions Scenarios document published at their website, Vidyo describes potential use cases for VidyoReplay across multiple verticals. Consider these examples:


Students who miss class may catch up on lessons and lectures. Even those who catch presentations in real-time may revisit them later as a way to review or clarify what was learned. Educators in remote areas may close the distance between students and instructors who are separated by geography. 

Outside of the classroom, VidyoReplay is also an important resource for training and updating K-12 teachers on policies and procedures. Districts may also facilitate courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) on-line while honoring the demands of teacher schedules. Post-graduate offerings can also be made more accessible to those working full-time jobs.


Providers may record consultations with patients and with other medical experts in order to make diagnoses and record their analyses. PC-based scans (e.g. ultrasounds and MRIs) may be streamed into the conference and captured as part of the recording. Physicians may benefit from recorded medical conferences presentations and stay up-to-date on the latest in treatment developments. Mental health providers who work remotely may record teleconferencing sessions with patients and review these sessions later for nonverbal cues important to the patient's progress and care. Insurers may use recorded consultations as proof of treatment and appropriateness of claims.

Legal Services

VidyoReplay may assist with taking witness depositions. Recorded conversations with clients may also be used to keep client costs down--enabling remote consultations--as well as to enable efficient strategy development among the full legal team. Attorneys who conduct focus groups may also find use for VidyoReplay in reviewing participant discussions.

Global Enterprise

Organizations with branches all over the world, may significantly reduce travel costs by enabling remote training. The ability to access important trainings and updates outside of the real-time conference, is especially important when considering significant differences in time zones. For instance, a company in Chicago, Illinois, does not have to deliver a presentation at midnight to accommodate a colleague in Sydney, Australia, where it is 3:00 the following afternoon.

No matter your industry, VidyoReplay can be an important tool. Contact us today for more information about adding this feature to your account.

Video Conferencing vs. Travel

I was just reading an article from Small Business Labs, about saving time, money & the environment, all from considering video conferencing over travel. There are three points that are made in the blog post, that definitely resonate, and provide motivation for any company to consider:

1. Video Conferencing Saves Time:

According to the Travel Industry Association of America the average business trip last 3.3 days and the average business traveler takes 5.4 trips per year.

2. Video Conferencing Saves Money:

According to American Express, the average business trip costs $1,110 in T&E expenses.

3. Video Conferencing is Green:

The Nature Conservancy recommends video conferencing as one of their top 10 tips for saving the climate. Jet's are heavy emitters of CO2 and produce 12% of all transportation related greenhouse gases.

Now it's probably not realistic to assume that all business travel will cease to exist starting tomorrow, however, with all the benefits for video conferencing over travel, it would be hard for companies not to take seriously.  If you consider the first point, and the average business trips we're reduced by 50% and supplemented with video conferencing, the effects from this decision could be felt throughout the company and our environment.  

Obviously, I have a biased opinion, as my intentions are to sell you our video conferencing service. Never the less, it is nice to read articles about the benefits of video conferencing over travel, as it reminds me of the impact this solution can immediately have all around you.  

My pitch...

I would consider our video conferencing service from Batipi, for the following reasons: 

  • Powered by Vidyo (the latest in video conferencing technology)
  • No hardware installation required
  • Pay one low monthly subscription
  • Available 24/7
  • Minimum requirement: Webcam & desktop microphone or USB Headset



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