New services update

We have implemented a new service at Batipi, for a few specific reasons:

  1. We wanted a solution that is flexible and can be custom integrated into our own application
  2. We wanted a solution that is flexible with adding users & billing

Hence, introducing Zoom.  We have developed (and will continue to develop) our own dashboard around using Zoom's communication tools.  In part this provides us flexibility with developing features and tools to support our users and meeting organizer's.  One tool in particular that we have implemented is Stripe, allowing you to charge for your meetings or events.  We're pretty excited about the prospect of users generating an income & engaging their audiences with their skills & expertise.  More to come on this.  The other great part is Zoom!  The technology is cutting edge and very impressive as to it's level of quality and advanced features (mobile especially).  

Our services are now live and you can activate a new account with 500 minutes free here.  

Custom integrations

One of the key areas for video will be connecting tools like video conferencing into your web presence or application.  We can now easily work with clients to help them implement HD video experiences, weather that is using our API or Zoom's API.  Contact us to discuss your initiative. 

100% we are still offering Vidyo as a service, however, all service details will be found at our dedicated site at video-conference.co.   Between, Vidyo & Zoom we're excited about the creative solutions that we can deliver to our clients.  


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