Connect Stripe & Schedule Paid Meetings

If your interested in charging a fee for online meetings for tutorial or consultation, then you will want to learn more about our paid meetings and Stripe.  This is a general overview regarding these features.  If you would like assistance getting this set-up on your account, please contact us.  

What is a paid meeting?

Firstly, our paid meetings feature allows you to schedule a meeting and associate a charge.  A chargeable meeting could consist of a 1 to 1 lesson or coaching session, small group training, or a larger presentation style format.  When scheduling a paid meeting, you can set as a single event, or recurring series, which encompasses your meeting costs.  Lastly, paid meetings can also be integrated into your web presence, to easily schedule, charge & meet with your customers.

What is this Stripe thing?

Stripe is a payment processor, similar to PayPal, but better.  They charge a similar amount to most payment processors at 2.9% fee on the total plus a 30 cent per transaction charge (same as PayPal).  All payments from Stripe are automatically deposited into your bank account within 7 days of the transaction.  

Stripe Connect

With Stripe Connect, you can associate your Stripe account with Batipi, allowing you to create paid meetings.  Under our profile settings, you are presented with the option to Connect Stripe. If you have a Stripe account, then you will be directed to login & authorize our application, if not, there is a 1-page application that you will need to fill out.  With correct information, accounts will be approved & authorized on the spot.  

Stripe accounts are currently available in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, & Ireland.  An updated list can be seen here, for countries expected to be supported next by Stripe.

Managing Registrations & Payments

Notifications & Access

Any registrations to your paid meeting are logged under notifications within the dashboard.  You will see who has registered for the meeting (name & email).  After successful registration the paid guest user will be presented with a unique meeting code which can be copied to their calender.  

Managing Payments or Refunds

All transactions can easily be managed from your Stripe account dashboard.  If a guest user cannot make your meeting (and your allowing refunds), you can simply one-click refund this transaction within Stripe.  

Paid meetings can be an effective way to skip the in-person meeting, deliver your consultation online using the latest in HD video & audio conferencing.  Go to profile - stripe, under the Batipi dashboard to get started by connecting your Stripe account. If you do not have a Batipi account, you can sign-up here free.

Help article on this: Connecting your stripe account

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