Using meeting rooms & custom start pages

Meeting rooms allow you to to create a dedicated space where you can meet with others.  There is no pre-defined way that insists how meeting rooms are used, so you have the flexibility to adapt this feature to your company requirements.

A meeting room can be an individual room that you create for a specific type of meeting or more general reflecting a departmental purpose.  For example, a weekly sales or executive meeting, or dedicated meeting space for departments like HR or IT.  Meeting rooms are a simple way to persistently keep a meeting active, which could be linked to various aspects of your operations.  

Creating a meeting room

When you create a meeting room, the following options are available:

  • Topic - Give the room a name
  • Join before host - do you want to allow participants to join the room prior to the hosts arrival
  • Meeting Type - start meeting as screen share (video off), or video meeting (video on)
  • Add notes - meeting room description displayed on start page (more on this feature below)
  • Password - set a password to your meeting room


Meeting Start Page

With meeting rooms, the URL generated will navigate your participants to a starting page prior to joining the meeting.  This intermediary step, provides the attendee with further information about the meeting they are about to join.  For example, the meeting start page will display the following information:

  • Meeting Host - yourself
  • Company that you represent
  • Meeting Topic
  • Custom notes / description
  • Start type of meeting (Screen Share or Video)
  • Audio Options (voip, telephony or both)

The participant can then click on "Join Meeting" to enter your meeting room.  Our roadmap will continually develop this feature allowing you greater control over the information that is displayed, as well as, customization of the branding.   


  • By enabling join before host, other participants can join the meeting room and start a conversation prior to your arrival
  • Create a group and attach to your meeting room.  If you need to add/remove participants, you can easily edit the group
  • Meeting rooms can be linked throughout your business, for example: a dedicated room for IT or HR support, a external room for servicing clients

Update 16/12/2014: basic branding is now enabled for the meeting start pages, allowing you to display your company logo & customize the colour scheme.

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