10 features available to secure your online meetings

If security and host control over your online meetings is important at your company, then you could consider the following 10 features:

  1. Enable end-to-end 128-bit encryption
  2. Add a password to your meetings
  3. Enable wait-for-host to join
  4. End the meeting 
  5. Lock the meeting 
  6. Chat with one participant or all
  7. Mute audio or disable video for one or all participants
  8. Remove participant
  9. Enable/disable one or all participants to record
  10. Temporarily pause screen sharing when a new window is opened

Enabling end-to-end encryption 

Your presentation content during an online meeting can be encrypted by enabling the advanced encryption standard (AES) 128-bit algorithm.  This feature is enabled at the user level within your account.  Once enabled, all meetings performed by the user will be AES encrypted.  

Note: Encryption can effect the performance of a meeting as it requires greater processing cycle at the end devices.  Typically, this can cause an impact with older devices and/or a limited connection to the internet.

Add encryption at the user level

To enable encryption, you can add this option when creating a new user or editing an existing user under the accounts tab.  

As the encryption is performed at the user level you can determine which user accounts require encryption, versus, some services that will require the entire account to be encrypted for the feature to work.

Password secure your meetings

Enabling a password can add an additional layer of security to your online meetings.  This option is set when scheduling a meeting.  When enabled, all participants will be promoted to enter the password prior to joining the meeting.  


Wait for host is enabled by default

All meetings by default will force all participants to wait for a host to join prior to allowing them to enter the meeting.  When scheduling a meeting, users will need to select "Enable join before host", if they want to allow participants to join prior to their arrival.

End a meeting

As a meeting host you have the option to end a meeting for all participants

Lock a meeting

Meeting hosts can lock a meeting, preventing any further participants from joining


Send a private message to one participant or to send it to all

Mute audio or disable video

As the host of the meeting, you have the ability to mute audio and disable video feeds for one or all participants.  





Remove participant from meeting

During a meeting, meeting hosts can remove a participant from the meeting.  The participant will be removed and cannot re-enter the meeting via the meeting link.

Enable or disable access to recording

Hosts can enable or disable access for users to record the meeting.  By default, users need to request permission to record.  All recordings are saved to the users desktop.  No recordings are stored on meeting servers.  

Pause screen sharing

When sharing your screen or desktop during a meeting you have the option to temporarily pause your screen share session.  This can be ideal for privacy reasons, if you need to pull up another screen, however, do not want this screen shared to the audience.  

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