Vidyo Technology Leads the Pack. Just Ask Google

Vidyo recently announced a signed agreement between the company and Google to enhance video quality in Google’s web-native applications that do not require plug-ins or special software. As the current software provider for Google Hangouts on Google+, Vidyo will now extend its contribution to Google’s services by providing the software that will allow users with different quality video and audio streams to access the same content based on their unique bandwidth and device characteristics.

Vidyo’s technology will automatically lower quality and bandwidth to a Smartphone with a weak 3G connection while automatically providing full quality streaming to desktop users of Google Fiber. Chee Chew, VP of Engineering at Google, said in a statement,

Vidyo has been a great partner, working with Google to provide a high quality video solution for Hangouts.

Vidyo has brought that same adaptive technology to video conferencing. Their VidyoRouter™ architecture monitors in real time the performance and capabilities of each endpoint device. By monitoring the underlying network, Vidyo’s technology adapts video streams instantaneously to optimize video communication. A more natural communication experience is delivered due to reduced end-to-end latency compared to traditional MCU-based solutions.

By finally capturing the technology that produces high-quality multi-party video Vidyo provides unmatched telepresence quality and multi-point video communications. This is an amazing tool for companies and business owners with employees scattered all over the city, the state and the world.

In-person meetings have always been a daily event in the world of business. However, with one out of every five people working from home and the expense involved in getting people to a central location, the typical meeting has become more and more costly. As evident by the growing use of video conferencing business professionals obviously see the benefits of the technology and are using it in increasing numbers.

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