Haven't Made Video Conferencing A Priority Yet? Consider the Following:

Why waste the time and effort of traveling to another city, state or even country to have a conference meeting when you could do so in the comfort of your own home, without having to leave your loved ones? 

Meeting face to face, whether it be with corporate stakeholders or an employee, has never been so painstakingly simple. No matter where you're located, and whether you're on a laptop, smart phone or tablet, you can harness the benefits of video conferencing and personal telepresence to improve your business communications right now. 

Why Would Your Business Even Need Video Conferencing? 

Before you decide to even learn the benefits of video conderencing and personal telepresence, you need to ask yourself why you really need it. Is it to allow executives who lack necessary time to meet virtually face to face to discuss issues and resolve problems?

Could you use video conferencing for face to face training, to answer questions or have discussions with new or potential employees? Do you need important face time with a potential client and want to bring together the key decision makers from their various locations?   If you could make use of the above key points, then you probably need an easy to use video conferencing tool that streams flawlessly in HD quality. 

DIY Or Outsource to a Provider? 

Now that you have an idea of the benefits and how your company can benefit from personal telepresence, it's time to decide whether you want to take the do it yourself route of putting extra pressure on your IT staff or utilize a service provider.

A few of the key benefits that come with outsourcing all of your video conferencing needs are:

  • The most cost-effective benefit is that you never have to pay excessive amounts for video conferencing servers, most of which which will become outdated within a few years. 
  • You gain access to a qualified, courteous customer support team that is able to resolve any issues or technical problems you may encounter. 
  • You never have to hire extra employees or re-train within your IT staff.
  • A turn-key solution that allows your business to immediately adopt a new communication tool and start conferencing. 

Many believe video conferencing is the future of the old-fashioned "corporate meeting", and they just might be right. Don't let the distance between employees get in the way of your company's productivity, take a leap forward and make the upgrade to using personal telepresence in your business today!


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