Vidyo Sees 68% Growth in Billings With New Round of Investors

Vidyo, a growing leader in video conferencing, has announced a 68% growth in billings after a new round of investors led by Triangle Peak Partners, LP, an investment firm specializing in technology, energy, and alternative energy. This brings the total funding since the company's inception in 2005, to $116M.

In an article written for, Joe Koetsier suggests three reasons for the growing confidence in Vidyo's telepresence technology. First, Koetsier suggests Vidyo continues to build and attract new investors, largely due to its reliance on cheaper, built-in components, as opposed to room-based video conferencing, which is significantly more expensive. Secondly, it's appealing in its utilization of the cloud, which yields versatility in solutions. Finally, Vidyo's sales model positions the company to pour resources into technology development, which is the crux of telepresence services.

Vidyo's's sale's model relies on revenue sharing partnerships. This reduces the amount of resources required for sales, as the network expands organically through those of their partners. With a smaller focus on sales and marketing, new funding from investors can be used on the development of technology. In the world of video conferencing, technology development makes for sustainable and reliable services. Sustainable and reliable services make for satisfied consumers.

Such a large investment from Triangle Peak Partners, LP, an investment firm with a specific interest in and research base revolving around technology, speaks confidently of Vidyo's future. According to Ryan Lawler from, Vidyo currently boasts 26 patents with an additional 56 pending. It's housed in 13 offices around the world, and with this new funding, consumers can expect to see services expand globally and the technology improve even more.

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