Telepresence enhances medical care, reduce costs

You’re a surgeon who wants to learn a new procedure but the pioneering doctor performing the operation is in Houston and you’re in Seattle. Besides, you can’t always see well from the gallery. Instead, you can watch the surgery in high definition on your computer, tablet or even on your mobile phone.

You’re a medic at the scene of an accident but a victim’s condition is beyond your ability.  Call up an ER doctor at the hospital, and because he or she can see the patient, they are better able to guide you through the process, than if it was described on the phone.

Streamlined Medical Care

Welcome to enhanced 21st Century medical care and the rapidly growing area of personal telepresence and video conferencing.  These practical applications are taking video conferencing beyond chatting with friends and family at a distance. The future is now as the technology is already being used for these purposes and more. Wouldn’t patients love to cut down on traveling to the doctor if they could turn on their computer and visit the doctor? House calls return.

With businesses, patients and the medical profession looking for ways to trim costs, telepresence can achieve that without sacrificing care.  According to Telepresence Options:

 “It could be a cost-saver too. Some industry analysts have said remote monitoring could lead to savings of 20 to 40 percent by reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and catching chronic problems early. Others have cited pending doctor shortages -- a national gap expected to reach 130,000 by 2025, as the baby boomer retirement wave crests -- as reason to embrace remote health-care technology.”

Walk-in Telehealth Kiosks

Vidyo recently signed a contract with HealthSpot(TM), a pioneer in patient and provider driven healthcare technology. HealthSpot has integrated Vidyo technology into its cutting-edge telehealth station that provides high-quality medical diagnostics to acute care patients anytime, anywhere. Anchoring the telehealth system is the HealthSpot(TM) Station, a private, walk-in kiosk that offers patient access to diagnosis and treatment by board-certified doctors, via Vidyo-powered HD videoconferencing and interactive digital medical devices. This provides patients a face-to-face experience with a board-certified doctor who could be miles away. Each station is supported by a certified medical attendant who facilitates check-in, helps patients with devices as needed, and sanitizes the kiosk after every visit.

With continuing emphasis on “being green,” reducing doctor visits will cut back on the fuel patients would use to drive to the doctor. With kiosks like HealthSpot, there will be a reduction in paper work.  Not to mention, the improved efficiencies with doctors delivering direct one-on-one remote consultations.

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