Introducing Contacts to simplify meeting management

Update: we have released contacts to help you manage and organize your meeting participants.  New contacts can be added under the accounts module within the dashboard.  

Not all meetings are internal meetings, and in many cases you need to schedule and manage participants from outside your company.  With contacts, you can add people that you meet with on a regular basis, however, they are not a registered user.  Now you can simply add these contacts to any of your scheduled meetings.

Easily add contacts to your scheduled meetings

Add contacts to your groups

When you add contacts to your account, you will be able to associate them to a defined group.  This makes it very easy to manage meeting participants and send updates. Groups can be a mix of registered users, or outside contacts.  



Invite Groups and send updates

Schedule a meeting and one-click invite the group to ensure they all receive your meeting invite.  If you need to make a change to your meeting, such as, the date/time or agenda, simply one-click send the update to all participants.

New Scheduled Meetings, Attachments & Introducing Custom Start Pages

Our recent update offers improvements to how you schedule your meetings & we're introducing custom meeting start pages.  

New Scheduled Meetings

The following are some key improvements to the new scheduled meeting feature:

  • Paid meetings are now an option under scheduled meetings, by simply associating a "meeting fee"
  • Recurring meetings are named "repeat" listed as option under schedule meeting - offers more control to manually select which days your meeting will repeat on
  • Introducing attachments - you can now associate documents to your scheduled meeting, allowing invited participants to view and download files
  • "All day" option allows you to schedule a meeting on a specific date (or multiple dates), without specifying an exact time of day
  • "Configurations" option provides more control over meeting options, such as, set audio for telephone dial-in, VOIP, or both, determine if your participants can join before hosts, & control video on/off for hosts or participants

The new layout will allow us to build out additional features to support meeting hosts, as well, it's much easier to access and schedule meetings on the fly from your mobile.

Custom Meeting Start Pages

We're now introducing custom meeting start pages, providing you greater control and branding.  You can now add your logo to this page & change the page colors for the background and banner sections.   There are more updates to come in this area, including, providing full control as to the meeting data that is displayed to your participants.


What are the meeting start pages?

The meeting start page provides an intermediary step prior to joining your meeting room, or scheduled meeting.  Furthermore, it displays information regarding the meeting host, company, time of event, meeting options (video conference or screen share meeting) & the join meeting link.

In the case of paid meetings, the meeting start page will display the meeting fee & option for your participant to register and pay for your meeting.  Easily link to this page from your website or blog to promote your meeting or class.  In order to use paid meetings, you would need to connect a stripe account first. 


Recommended Peripherals for your Online Meetings

Firstly, our services will work with any built-in camera or microphone on your computer, however, there is a wide range of peripheral devices for audio & video that will extend the quality of your overall meeting experience.  

Typically, audio video devices built-in to your computer are not the greatest quality.  Although most USB compatible devices will work, the list below will provide you with some recommendations to get started.  

The list has been divided into two sections, desktop peripherals, which are for personal use & conference room peripherals, for providing audio visual to mid - larger rooms.


Desktop Peripherals for video conferencing


HD Video USB Webcams:


Logitech Webcams

Description - These webcam models will offer HD quality images with the C920 & C615 capable of 1080p.  Although, these webcams have built-in microphones, we do recommend a seperate USB microphone for optimal audio.  The C920 does offer a dual mic, which would be the best option if your looking for an all-in-one solution.

Price Range - $40-$100


Freetalk Webcams

Description - Everyman HD is the webcam model offered by Freetalk, offering HD video at 720p quality. 

MSRP Price - $60


Microsoft HD Webcams

Description - Microsoft's lifecam models offer quality up to 1080p (Studio model).  The Cinema & Studio models offer a wide angle lens with the ability to zoom.  

Price Range - $40-$100


USB Microphones:


Jabra Speak 510

Description - This model is a USB desktop microphone.  It's compact and east to travel with.  It could be used for personal use or support a small group.

MSRP Price - $150


Clearone Chat 150

Description - The Chat 150 offers full duplex audio with 3 built-in microphones.  The device is compact and easy to take with you.  This device could also provide good quality audio from a small meeting room.

MSRP Price - $400


Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e

Description - A USB Speakerphone for your mobile or tablet.  This is an ideal option if your joining meetings from your mobile device. The P710E will allow you to stand your mobile or tablet upright and connects into the audio source for an improved audio experience. 

Price - $170


Plantronics Calisto 620

Description - The Calisto 620 is a wireless desktop speakerphone.  No chords necessary as the device will connect to your computer via bluetooth. Includes an echo cancelling microphone with full duplex audio.

Price - $150


Jabra Biz 2400 Series

Description - A noise cancelling headset.  Offers superior audio quality.  An ideal solution for noisy environments.

MSRP Price - $220

Conference Room Peripherals for Video Conferencing


HD Video Conference Room Cameras:


Logitech Conference Cams

Description - Logitech offers a few options, the CC3000e designed for mid sized groups, & the BCC950 designed for small groups or rooms.  Both solutions are capable of 1080p quality and 30 fps (framer per second).  

Price - $250 for the BCC950 & $1000 for the CC3000e


Huddlecam HD Cameras

Description - The Huddlecam models are pan, tilt & zoom (PTZ) cameras designed for conference rooms of all sizes. 

Price Range - TBD


VDO360 Cameras

Description - The VDO360 video camera's are PTZ cameras designed for the conference room.  The excel with offering useful features and control for the end user. 

Price - TBD


Vaddio Clearview USB Camera

Description - The Vaddio Clearview HD PTZ cameras are designed for conference rooms of all sizes.  Various models offered, depending on room requirements.

Price Range - TBD


Conference Room Microphones:


Phoenix Quattro3 MT301

Description - The Phoenix Quattro3 is a USB high end conference room microphone that can accommodate rooms of all sizes.  For mid to large size rooms, multiple Quattro3's can be daisy chained together to accommodate.  

MSRP Price - $600


Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker Array Microphone 

Description - The voice tracker array microphone is capable picking up audio from 30+ feet in any conference room.  The device can be wall or ceiling mounted. 

Price Range - TBD


Yamaha PJP-20UR

Description - The Yahama echo cancelling microphone can be used with small groups or multiple devices can be connected to extend it's range.  It's reccomended range is 1.5 meters in any direction from the device.

MSRP Price - $500


Revolabs Fusion Wireless Microphones

Description - The Revolabs Fusion is a wireless microphone system for mid-large size conference rooms.  With no wires, you can strategically place the wireless microphones to achieve audio coverage across your entire room. 

Price Range - TBD


Managing Payments & Refunds from Stripe

Once you have connected your Stripe account with Batipi, you will now be able to use the paid meeting option and associate a chargeable fee to your scheduled meetings.  In order to manage payments, such as, view transactions, upcoming transfers to your bank account, or potentially issue a refund, you will need to login to your Stripe account.  The following is an overview of some of the basic features that you may want to review from your Stripe dashboard.

The Stripe Dashboard

The first screen that you will see after logging into your Stripe account is the dashboard.  The dashboard will display your gross volume generated, successful charges, & customers created over a defined period.  

Managing Customers

The next option from the left hand navigation is customers.  This screen will display all your customers who have paid for your meetings (past and present).  You can delete or update a customers credit card, add credit to their account (under update customer details), or delete the customer record entirely (this will also remove their credit card details from the system).

Payments & Refunds

Under the transactions section from the navigation, the first option is payments.  On this screen you will see all payments that have been made for your scheduled meetings (note: you can also see individual payments under the customer dashboard).  If you click through on a payment, you will be presented with the option to issue a refund.  After selecting refund, Stripe will provide you options as to whether you want to refund the total amount or a partial amount of this payment.  

The payment section will also list all associated charges from Stripe regarding the transaction

Bank Transfers

The next option under the transaction section is transfers.  This screen will show you all of your future and recent transfers that have been made to your connected bank account.  

Using meeting rooms & custom start pages

Meeting rooms allow you to to create a dedicated space where you can meet with others.  There is no pre-defined way that insists how meeting rooms are used, so you have the flexibility to adapt this feature to your company requirements.

A meeting room can be an individual room that you create for a specific type of meeting or more general reflecting a departmental purpose.  For example, a weekly sales or executive meeting, or dedicated meeting space for departments like HR or IT.  Meeting rooms are a simple way to persistently keep a meeting active, which could be linked to various aspects of your operations.  

Creating a meeting room

When you create a meeting room, the following options are available:

  • Topic - Give the room a name
  • Join before host - do you want to allow participants to join the room prior to the hosts arrival
  • Add participants - add users, groups, or contacts (you can edit this option after the room has been created, to add/remove participants
  • Meeting Type - start meeting as screen share (video off), or video meeting (video on)
  • Add notes - meeting room description displayed on start page (more on this feature below)
  • Password - set a password to your meeting room
  • Send invitation email - If enabled, all participants will receive an email with login details regarding your meeting in progress 


Meeting Start Page

With meeting rooms, the URL generated will navigate your participants to a starting page prior to joining the meeting.  This intermediary step, provides the attendee with further information about the meeting they are about to join.  For example, the meeting start page will display the following information:

  • Meeting Host - yourself
  • Company that you represent
  • Meeting Topic
  • Custom notes 
  • Start type of meeting (Screen Share or Video)
  • Dial-in numbers, if they choose to use the phone for audio

The participant can then click on "Join Meeting" to enter your meeting room.  Our roadmap will continually develop this feature allowing you greater control over the information that is displayed, as well as, customization of the branding.   


  • By enabling join before host, other participants can join the meeting room and start a conversation prior to your arrival
  • Create a group and attach to your meeting room.  If you need to add/remove participants, you can easily edit the group
  • Meeting rooms can be linked throughout your business, whether, connecting this to your website, or internally on your intranet.  
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