Dashboard update: search users & join account meeting rooms

This past week we have re-designed the dashboard, providing access to relevant account information for each of your account users.  Specifically, you can search for other users registered within your account and join their meeting room, or join one of the pre-defined account meeting rooms.  

Joining meeting rooms from the dashboard

Meeting rooms are shared throughout your account.  They're a an easy way to create a dedicated meeting space, which could be used by a department or regular occurring meeting.  Once meeting rooms have been created, all users will see these displayed on their dashboard.

Always listed at the very top, is the most important meeting room, which is the users personal meeting room.  


Using search to join meetings

From the dashboard, you can search for any user listed under your account to join their meeting room.  After entering a name, the "join room", option will activate.  This will enter you directly into the users personal meeting room.

Using the search is another means to make this as seamless as possible for all users.  The end goal is to get you into the meeting with minimal delay.  A majority of meetings are impromptu happening throughout the day, hence, it should be quick and painless to start that meeting, especially being over video conference.  

Your next meeting...

Another update we have made for user dashboards, is displaying (at the top of screen), your next upcoming meeting.  This is based on any "upcoming meetings" that you have listed in your account.  Your lastest upcoming meeting will be displayed with an option for you to join meeting.  

For active users scheduling several meetings throughout the week, they can rely on their personal dashboard to point them in the right direction for their next meeting.  The next meeting will only display if their is a scheduled upcoming meeting under their account.  

The new free plan!

Photo by Gisela Giardino / CC BY

Photo by Gisela Giardino / CC BY

Introducing our new free plan! Yes it's true, free is nothing new for video conferencing as Skype has always been free. However, with Skype, can you meet online with up to 10 people in HD quality? Is it reliable? Can you screen share in high resolution with full annotation? Record meetings? Schedule paid meetings? Join meetings from android and iOS devices? Share video files? Plus much more. Sounds good? We think so. Activate your free video conferencing account today, so your ready for the next opportunity to schedule an online meeting.

What's included with the free meetings plan?

All features are included, and you can accommodate up to 10 participants in a single meeting (including displaying 10 HD video feeds).

Whats the limitation?

The free plan is limited to a single user account. When your ready to add more users at your company, consider upgrading to our paid plans, which is reasonably priced and flexible to your video conferenicng requirements.

Our Professional Plan

With our profesional plan you can add unlimited users and host larger meetings (up to 100 participants). We offer a flexible plan with pay-per-use pricing. You simply pay a price per minute per attendee. Plus, with no per user subscription fees, your free to add as many users as neccessary at your organization. With detailed meeting history records, you can bill individual departments within your company, or share the costs throughout your association.

Learn more about pricing plans for video conferencing. If your requirements are beyond what is listed, please contact us to discuss further.

Find detailed reporting in your meeting history

Under meeting history within your account you can find detailed reporting regarding all of the meetings you've hosted.  If your listed as an admin profile for your company then you can access reporting for total activity across your account, otherwise, each user will see their own previous meetings.

A summary of the information under meeting history:

  • Meeting topic
  • Start time
  • Duration
  • Total meeting minutes
  • Participants
  • Documents

If you click through on the meeting record you will be presented with a detailed info page on the meeting, listing all participants and associated documents.  Also, for each participant you will see a total duration (minutes) next to their name, indictaing the total time they spent in your meeting.  

Next update will provide the ability to filter total meeting history by date, and we're also looking at making these reports available for export.

Introducing Contacts to simplify meeting management

Update: we have released contacts to help you manage and organize your meeting participants.  New contacts can be added under the accounts module within the dashboard.  

Not all meetings are internal meetings, and in many cases you need to schedule and manage participants from outside your company.  With contacts, you can add people that you meet with on a regular basis, however, they are not a registered user.  Now you can simply add these contacts to any of your scheduled meetings.

Easily add contacts to your scheduled meetings

Add contacts to your groups

When you add contacts to your account, you will be able to associate them to a defined group.  This makes it very easy to manage meeting participants and send updates. Groups can be a mix of registered users, or outside contacts.  



Invite Groups and send updates

Schedule a meeting and one-click invite the group to ensure they all receive your meeting invite.  If you need to make a change to your meeting, such as, the date/time or agenda, simply one-click send the update to all participants.

New Scheduled Meetings, Attachments & Introducing Custom Start Pages

Our recent update offers improvements to how you schedule your meetings & we're introducing custom meeting start pages.  

New Scheduled Meetings

The following are some key improvements to the new scheduled meeting feature:

  • Paid meetings are now an option under scheduled meetings, by simply associating a "meeting fee"
  • Recurring meetings are named "repeat" listed as option under schedule meeting - offers more control to manually select which days your meeting will repeat on
  • Introducing attachments - you can now associate documents to your scheduled meeting, allowing invited participants to view and download files
  • "All day" option allows you to schedule a meeting on a specific date (or multiple dates), without specifying an exact time of day
  • "Configurations" option provides more control over meeting options, such as, set audio for telephone dial-in, VOIP, or both, determine if your participants can join before hosts, & control video on/off for hosts or participants

The new layout will allow us to build out additional features to support meeting hosts, as well, it's much easier to access and schedule meetings on the fly from your mobile.

Custom Meeting Start Pages

We're now introducing custom meeting start pages, providing you greater control and branding.  You can now add your logo to this page & change the page colors for the background and banner sections.   There are more updates to come in this area, including, providing full control as to the meeting data that is displayed to your participants.


What are the meeting start pages?

The meeting start page provides an intermediary step prior to joining your meeting room, or scheduled meeting.  Furthermore, it displays information regarding the meeting host, company, time of event, meeting options (video conference or screen share meeting) & the join meeting link.

In the case of paid meetings, the meeting start page will display the meeting fee & option for your participant to register and pay for your meeting.  Easily link to this page from your website or blog to promote your meeting or class.  In order to use paid meetings, you would need to connect a stripe account first. 


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