Batipi — Simple HD Online Meetings

Scalable Cloud Hosting

Telepresence as a service!  Delivering the best technology as a hosted solution.  Advanced cloud hosting infrastructure to provide peak performance to all your users, regardless of their geographical location.  No in-house expertise required, just subscribe and gain access to the latest in HD video conferencing technology.

Cutting-edge Technology

In order to deliver our personal telepresence services, we look for technology that can accommodate all types of users and connections.  The system should be smart enough to automatically scale to slower internet connections, & support connections from a PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, or Android capable device. 

Exceptional Service

Exceptional service does not equal automation.  Each of our customers requirements are different, and this requires a personal point of contact.  We're available to help you evaluate our services & provide on-going client support & education. 

Flexible Pricing Plans

Our price plans are designed for your usage requirements.  Pay-as-you-go allows your company the most flexibility to subscribe all users and only pay when they actual use the service. 

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